How To Use A Common Household Item To Significantly Improve Your Macro Images

Use This Common Household Item To Significantly Improve Your Macro Images

This Really Works! I Could Not Believe My Eyes When I Tried This

And this trick is not going to cost you anything. It will stabilize your subject AND your camera – and even diffuse the light beautifully. No need for a tripod or a special light diffuser – you probably already have everything you need.



Great information, but why do you feel compelled to put it in the form of a click trap? This puts Modern Lens Magazine in the same category with other shoddy marketing practices. It gives your brand a black eye.

Some other common objects that can be used are an empty rubbing alcohol bottle and a ½ gallon milk jug, same material. A white plastic shopping bag stretched in front of your Speedlight will give a more diffused light as well.

Saw this years ago, but had forgotten it. The trick is to use a ‘milky’ glass. Clear will not help.

And be aware that this idea depends upon the distance from the subject. If you are too far away from the subject, it’s wont help, and could even hurt, by lowering the contrast of the image.

You can do something similar by simply putting a diffuser of some sort between the light (sun/sky) and the subject with any lens.

what works even better is a Pillsbury ready made frosting cup. use the lens hood to mark it and if you are very careful when cutting it will actually lock right on the grooves for the lens hood. It too three cups before I got it to work on the hood grooves.

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