How I Started Getting More Compliments On My Photography

How I Started Getting More Compliments On My Photography

For Me This Has Been A Real Game-Changer And It Has Significantly Improved My Images

Focusing is one of the most important factors you have to think about when taking a picture. Photographers tend to choose sides when it comes to the debate of auto-focus vs. manual focus. While there’s a place and time for both of them, I feel that using manual focus has really made my photos that much better.



Focusing isn’t the most important think when taking a photograph. Almost everything from this page is useless because they teach the wrong things.

Wow! That was harsh wasn’t it? Useless? I guess it would be for you, since your what they call a “Pro Photographer” you have learned everything there is to learn when photography is a never ending learning adventure! Comments like yours just shows your maturity level and your unwillingness to learn anything else. Go now and be great!

If your eyes are going you’re not getting “lazy”. I have corneal dystrophy and there is no clear focus with my eyes. I’m constantly trying to find solutions to work around my eye disease. Single point focusing and recomposing the shot and now that I’ve learned back button focusing takes away the need for manual focus. Perhaps as one of the comments in the article said, learning to compose better pictures will get you more compliments instead of changing the way you technically take a picture? Please don’t call yourself lazy because you can’t use manual focus.

I would agree with Greg… although a bit harsh. Manual focus is just another way to take a bad picture. Set your camera to a single focus point and then use back button focusing will do away with a need for manual focus. The camera will know exactly what you want in focus automatically doing a better job than your tired old eye can do. Practicing better composition will get you more compliments. Too many people today think they are a photographer and don’t have “the eye”. No article in the world can teach that. You either have it or you don’t.

If you don’t understand DOF then any kind of focus is useless. You can focus a camera using your numbers on the lense and setting your aperture accordingly. Example: set your aperture to f22 your focus to some where around 6-8 feet and adjust your shutter speed or iso accordingly, you will probably need a tripod, but you will be amazed at the shots you get, especially landscapes. Set the camera low to the grass and aim up a little.

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