How To Turn $100 Into A Complete Portrait Lighting Kit

How To Turn $100 Into A Complete Portrait Lighting Kit

For Photographers On A Budget – Professional Portraits Without Breaking The Bank

If there’s one thing that’s become pretty obvious to me during my years of photography, it is that camera gear is expensive. Yes, you can get along with simply your DSLR camera body and a single lens, but sooner or later you’ll find you’re going to have to get more equipment if you want to make progress.

If you are thinking of going pro or haven’t really decided if you want to focus on portrait photography or not, you may find it intimidating to spend hundreds of dollars on gear. We found a great article on how you can create a DIY portrait lighting kit worth $1000 – for just $100!


Don’t let the low cost fool you – the following article will give you an example of how you can create a great portrait lighting kit without spending all your savings.

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