Low Light Shooting Tricks That Will Put An End To Your Blurry Photos

Low Light Shooting Tricks That Will Put An End To Your Blurry Photos

When you’re taking photos in low light, without a flash AND using a tripod, there may be another issue besides shutter speed that still gives you disappointing results.

This depends more on your camera and its ability to focus in low light. When you’re trying to autofocus in the dark, most cameras have problems to find enough contrast to actually determine the correct focus point. Of course this isn’t just an autofocus issue – when you’re working in the dark it’s just as difficult to try and focus manually. Even if you are using a flash, you may stop the movement but your photo still turns out blurry because the focus is off. Jared Polin made this video to give you 3 tips on how to solve this issue.

We have three more tips for you to help you prevent blurry photos when shooting in low light conditions. For these you are not going to need a tripod (or even a small gorillapod), or a laser or any of the other items mentioned in the previous videos.


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