Low Light Shooting Tricks That Will Put An End To Your Blurry Photos

Low Light Shooting Tricks That Will Put An End To Your Blurry Photos

When you’re out there with your camera and you don’t have your tripod with you, there are a few different ways to get images that aren’t blurred due to movement.

Of course the first thing to do would be to keep your shutter speed fast so that you don’t get motion blur, and open up your aperture instead. But what if you want to capture a landscape or a cityscape and you’d like everything to be in focus? Opening up your aperture is not a good idea in that case. In the following video Gavin Hoey from Adorama TV is going to show you some of his tricks to get sharp images without using a full-size tripod.

If you decide to bring your tripod and you want to take some moody, dark shots instead of using a flash, you may run into another kind of problem. Even if your shutter speed is fast enough, you can end up with blurry or hazy photos. There is a reason why that happens, and a solution for it as well. Check out the following video to get tips on solving this problem.


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