Why Autofocus Fails Miserably And Manual Focus SUCCEEDS

Why Autofocus Fails Miserably And Manual Focus SUCCEEDS

How To Nail The Image Every Time Even In The Most Difficult Conditions

When I got my very first DSLR it was a thrill to have manual focus. After point and shoot cameras I was fed up with the camera doing the important stuff for me. Later on, when I was able to purchase better gear, I started relying on autofocus again – especially when shooting fast moving subjects like my dogs.

There are some photographers who strongly believe autofocus is for amateurs, and you should only use manual focus if you want to look professional. Personally I wouldn’t go this far. I do prefer manual focus but it’s not my place to say what everyone else should do. However, since I learned a few tricks on how to use manual focus correctly, I haven’t missed nearly as many shots as I did with autofocus.


Autofocus still has its time and place but for the past few years I’ve been going back to manual again. Why? This article pretty much sums it up.

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