How To Take Macro Shots Without Buying A New Lens

Don’t Own A Macro Lens? (Hint: You Don’t Need One)


I wanted to try out macro photography but, I didn’t want to have to purchase an expensive macro lens. What if macro wasn’t my thing after all? I would either need to find a buyer for that expensive lens, or I could be stuck with it forever.


Fortunately I didn’t need to do that. I took a short tutorial on macro that taught me how to use my existing, non-macro lens.



The following video will show you what you need to do to make your existing lens work as a macro lens. This is the perfect way to start experimenting without spending a lot of money on new gear.



i would have never guessed my nifty fitty would work in reverse, much less make a sharp macro shot.

gonna try it w/o the reversal ring outside when there’s plenty of light and see what’s up.
may wanna grab one of these in the future!

i caught that. but i’m not budgeting in anything gear related at all till i get a 70D.
i’ve only been photographing with a DSLR for 7 months and it’s time for an upgrade.

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