These Are A Photographer’s WORST Nightmares

These Are A Photographer's WORST Nightmares

Photographer Sheen Watkins has put together a list of the most horrifying nightmares a photographer could experience.

This article over at Light Stalking made me cringe – probably because I had just experienced something so terrible myself.

Have any of these happened to you? What’s the worst thing you’ve encountered as a photographer? We’d love to hear about it – feel free to share in the comments below!

Walking Dead “Battery”

You’re in the middle of a great shoot. It may be your kid’s soccer game, a bird is cooperating by giving you multiple poses or those big fluffy clouds are glowing as the sun offers beautiful rosy hues.

Then it happens….the battery dies. Arrggh!

Instead of being in a position of screaming at the camera ghouls, develop a routine that includes charging your batteries after each shoot.

This includes your main battery and a backup battery too. In cold weather, store your spare inside your jacket versus near the cold weather.


The Evil “Interrupter

When photographers have our gear visible, we are prime targets for questions. I love answering questions, sharing photography tidbits with others with one exception.

That exception is when I’m concentrating in the middle of a shoot on limited time or with a flighty subject (referring to birds, not people here).

We become torn choosing between being nice and polite or workingour subject.

Top Tip!

I’ve started to keep my photography business cards in my bag.
That way I can politely offer to answer their questions when we both have more time.

Gone, Baby, Gone – “I can’t find my (insert your most frequently lost item). I know I put it in my camera bag…somewhere!”

If you’re a one or two lens photographer, you may not be able to relate to this one. When our camera bags get filled, items get gobbled up in the little nooks and crannies.

In addition to our gear, there’s:

  • lens cleaners,
  • filters,
  • batteries,
  • chargers,
  • remote cables,
  • computer cables,
  • rain sleeves,

The the list grows as our photography interests expand!


Photographing a Real Witch

We’ve all had them. Be it the mother of the bride, the bride, a model, a local celebrity, the sports hero. A lot of our clients are a joy to work with.

Great images with people as our subject is a team effort. Every blue moon, we may get the one, rare piece of work client that is just never happy, no matter what. Some can be rude to just downright nasty.

These clients come and go and they are inevitable! However, just try and keep cool and professional because at the end of the day “work is work” and this photography nightmare is often rare.

We are reliant on word of mouth for positive feedback and referrals. Look for ways to enhance the client experience outside of just great images.

Top Tip!

It may be a handwritten note following the shoot or a few pieces of Lindt Chocolatethanking them for their business. They may enjoy being ‘spotlighted’ in your studio or Facebook page.

Little touches make a difference and can separate your service from others!

For the nasty client, studies have shown a negative experience may be shared up to fifteen times after they’ve ridden away on their broomstick. Never lose sight of your professionalism – your reputation will stand the test of time.

Read the full article over at Light Stalking.

Source: Light Stalking

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