How To Become A Better Photographer By Doing What You’re Not Supposed To Do

How To Become A Better Photographer By Doing What You're Not Supposed To Do

If You Want To Become A Successful Photographer, Ditch These 5 “Rules” Immediately

Funny how, back when I first started, it was so important for me to follow all kinds of photography rules. Whenever I read about another detail, I made sure I would do exactly that to achieve the best possible results.

Pretty soon all my images started to look the same. Most of them were technically correct – after all, I was following the rules, wasn’t I?

They just didn’t seem to have that special something. That feeling of detail that makes a photo a unique capture of a moment. I’m sure all photographers know what I’m talking about.

So, after a while (and after going through a pretty dark creative rut) I decided I would take whatever the heck kind of images I want, using whatever settings I needed for them. I ditched all the rules.


Did this decision suddenly turn all of my photos into masterpieces? Of course not. But it did teach be a big deal.

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