4 Reasons Why I Got Into Photography (And Can’t Get Out)

4 Reasons Why I Got Into Photography (And Can't Get Out)

Matt Robinson listed the best things about photography over at Digital Photography School and we picked some of our favorites.

The list could go on and on, so these are just a tiny fraction of the good sides of this hobby. Please share in the comments why you first got into photography, and why you’re still doing it!

Photography complements many other hobbies

If your other hobby involves any physical thing, well then, you’re able to take beautiful photos of it! Whether it’s gardening, cars, or cooking, being able to skillfully photograph the things you spend your free time doing, only enhances the pleasure you take in those activities.

Photographers get to see the world from a different perspective

Photography often propels us forward into new territory, that we otherwise wouldn’t experience. If there’s any beauty to be captured, we’re willing to accept the uncomfortableness that might go along with it.

Getting up before dawn on a weekend isn’t most people’s idea of a great way to start the day, but capturing a sunrise photo makes it all worth it. Dirty hands and knees are often required for getting the perfect floral or insect shot.

Photographers get to beautifully capture their loved ones

Aside from the kids, folks are always grateful for the photographer in the family who takes photos during holiday gatherings and special occasions. Unless the photographer corrals everybody into a group shot, it usually doesn’t get taken. There are also the candid photos of genuine moments while families enjoy each other’s company. While selfies and food photos abound, a true photographer is more focused on the meaningful moments.

Photographers are a part of one big, awesome, online community

Whether it’s Flickr, 500px, your favorite online photography forum, or maybe even your local photography club -photographers support each other. For the most part, we are ready and willing to help, to share our process, and to share what the conditions, settings and equipment were for those really amazing shots.

Read the full article over at Digital Photography School.

Source: Digital Photography School

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