3 Tips For Pin Sharp Photos – Every Time

3 Tips For Pin Sharp Photos - Every Time

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] Your Images May Not Be As Sharp As They Could Be

When I look back on the photos I took when I had just bought my first DSLR, most of them make me cringe.

The lighting was horrible in most cases. Underexposures, overexposures… composition was awful – probably because there was none.

But what really bugs me about them is how blurry most of them are. The more I get into the world of photography, the more important it becomes to get tack sharp images.

There’s nothing wrong with a blurry photo, if the blur was made in purpose. There are a lot of beautiful examples of motion blur that makes the image even stronger, and more appealing.


But when you want an extremely sharp photo, and think you’ve captured it right, it’s such a disappointment to view it on your computer only to find out it’s a little blurry.

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