How To Turn Children’s Portraits Into Masterpieces With Simple Photoshop Tricks

These 3 Easy Tips Will Help You Bring Out The Most Beautiful Details In Children’s Portraits

Photographing children is one of my favorite things to do. They’re genuine, lively and most of the time give you such unexpected expressions and situations that you almost can’t believe it yourself.

When I take children’s portraits, it’s often all about speed. I don’t like to pose kids too much – I’d rather let them play and do the things they enjoy, because that’s when I always get the best shots.

However, these quickly changing situations also often mean that I don’t have that fraction of a second to change my exposure. That’s when I turn to post processing, to make a great image a brilliant one.

There are many ways to edit portraits and I kind of want to say editing kids’ portraits is a little different than editing grown-up ones.


The following video tutorial will show you three easy steps that can help you make any children’s photo an extraordinary one.

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