3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Taking Travel Photos

3 Things You're Doing Wrong When Taking Travel Photos

Professional travel and landscape photographer Kav Dadfar has listed some of the most common mistakes people are making in travel photography.

It goes without saying you can’t just snap away without planning, if you want to create images that are interesting and you want them to sell. Try not to take photos like a regular tourist and instead, do your research before you travel, to make sure you’ll have an idea of where you could find the best places to shoot. Try to avoid the following things:

Photographing from the Viewpoints

This way to “sunset point”. Every traveler and photographer has seen these signs wherever they have gone. Sometimes these “viewpoints” are magnificent, and in some circumstances and conditions they are absolutely the place you should visit and photograph from. But the majority of the time they are simply the most accessible place for the masses, and as a result, a view most people have seen.

Avoiding people

A location’s people are as integral to our experience of it as the famous buildings or landmarks. But unfortunately many new photography who are starting out in the travel genre, avoid photographing people because of shyness. Most people are friendly, and if you make the effort and spend the time to get to know them, they will be more than happy to accommodate you taking their photo. So don’t be shy, because all you are doing is denying the viewer a crucial part of the story.

Travelling with Others

Photographing while travelling is completely different to travelling to take photos. However hard the latter is, it’s even more difficult when you are travelling with other people. Be it, friends, family, or a tour group, most people don’t have the patience, or the interest, to wait around for you to take photos. You soon end up in a tense situation, which means you can’t get what you want done and other people don’t enjoy their trip.

The best way is to separate the two completely, and either use a trip as a holiday with the focus being on relaxing and enjoying yourself, or consider it work. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are travelling with other people, try setting yourself a few days or even a few hours where you can go off on your own.

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