Single Light Photo Recipe For An In-Camera Special Effect


You Won’t Believe The Secret Ingredient Used To Create This Beautiful Effect – Completely In Camera

I love learning about all kinds of little tricks and special effects that can turn a good image into a great one. But most of these tricks are only good if you use them once in a while.

I don’t know about you but I personally don’t want to purchase tons of special gear, just to use it for five or ten special photos per year. I’d rather find inexpensive, DIY ways to create spectacular images that you can do almost anywhere.

I’ve seen incredible photos taken with the help of some extremely cheap household items. It’s all about creativity and how to make use of what you have.

You don’t need a lot of lights or studio space to get great results. This is a very minimal setup with a surprise ingredient that produces an amazing result.


Check out the following video to learn how to create a stunning image with an ingredient you’ll find at home!

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