3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Taking Travel Photos

3 Things You're Doing Wrong When Taking Travel Photos

How To Avoid These Common Travel Photography Mistakes And Start Taking Images That Sell

If you’re a photographer who loves to travel, why not combine these two things and start earning money with your travel photography? There is a market for travel images but you need to know a few tricks to create photos that actually sell.

No-one is going to want to look at, let alone buy travel photos that only mean something to the photographer himself. You need to make sure your subject is interesting, even if the viewer isn’t looking for travel photos in general.

Try to avoid the most cliché photography subjects and sights, or if you absolutely must take a picture of a well-known place, look for a completely new way of capturing it.

What I always think about when traveling is; am I going to be able to bring all the necessary gear with me. Plan some of your photos ahead and figure out a way to shoot them in case they don’t allow tripods or external flashes at the location.


The following article will give you examples of the mistakes photographers are making when they travel. Try to avoid these and you’ll be able to create much more interesting images.

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