The Top 8 Bokeh Lenses For Canon And Nikon

The Top 8 Bokeh Lenses For Canon And Nikon

Let’s get started with these awesome 50mm bokeh lenses for Canon.

Of course these are not the only lenses that produce amazing bokeh so if you have another one in mind, please share in the comments below. I’m sure our community of photographers will appreciate all the tips!


This manual focusing lens costing around $400 is one of the better lenses when it comes down to bokeh quality. The most impressive thing is the large front element—something that guarantees a lot of light captured and less of vignetting. This is a really sharp lens—much better than any of the f/1.8 and the f/1.4 lenses thus far. It’s overall good quality build and smooth operation. The only downside is the absence of auto-focusing.


If you add auto-focusing to the Samyang 50mm f/1.4 you’ll probably get the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM. The build quality is great, out of focus effects are superb, and overall image quality is very sharp. Vignetting is controlled (the reviewer has only tested the lens on a crop DSLR) and the quality of bokeh is also splendid. However, the biggest drawback is the feature that separates it from the Samyang lens—auto-focusing. Auto-focusing is inaccurate and can leave you purple-faced after a day of hard work.

CANON 50MM F/1.2 USM ‘L’

At $1,400 this isn’t the cheapest 50mm by any stretch of imagination. But at f/1.2 this is the brightest. Is it the sharpest? No! The corners at f/1.2 aren’t sharp at all. Some amount of vignetting can be seen as well as barrel distortion. The contrast and out of focus effects you can achieve with this lens are much better than the rest of the group. The build quality of the lens is excellent.

CANON 50MM f/1.8 STM (Best Value For Money)

This neat little lens features the latest STM (Stepping Motor) technology, which works superbly for video work. The new focusing technology is quieter than the older one. Seven blades instead of five theoretically should make better bokeh, but in practice the quality is no better than the older lenses. The lens has a metal mount instead of plastic. The overall build quality is better and it’s less bulky.

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