How To Get Pin Sharp Photos By Applying The Correct Autofocus Settings


[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] Get Razor Sharp Images With A Simple Change Of Camera Settings

I think we can all pretty much agree that most photographers want to take the sharpest images possible. One of the easiest ways to dramatically improve the sharpness of your images is through a basic understanding and practical application of autofocus settings.

There are certain situations where you’re probably better off using manual focus. For example in low light conditions where your camera can’t see well enough, autofocus might get you into trouble. But try using manual focus while shooting fast-paced sports, and you’ll lose your mind when you’re checking the results on your computer.



The following article will explain the autofocus modes and give you tips on how to use them to capture tack sharp images.


“I think we can all pretty much agree that most photographers want to take the sharpest images possible. ” Well guess that means I’m not one of most photographer as having the sharpest images possible is way down my list of what makes a good photograph. Sure I want the main subject or subjects of an image to be in good focus but the idea that sharpest makes an image sorry don’t think so.

After I figured out how to FIND the actual story through the cluster-fk of all the scam ads, this is a beginners only “article” that doesn’t really teach anything.

I almost *NEVER* manual focus.. shooting sports I can’t imagine how the film photogs did it ‘back in the day’ and got enough shots to actually use.

Before AF sports photographers learn to anticipate/guessed where the action was going to be and pre focus to that area of the field or court. Additional photos only had to stand up to printing at sizes large enough to fit in a magazine or newspaper as no one was pixel peeping back then.

We were real photographers back then, even used film, ever heard of that? 36 shots per roll, then rewind and load another.

I very often focus manually, and I have re located my focus button to the ae lock button on the rear of my cameras and as a result the focus will not change when i release the shutter. I know what i want in focus not the camera body.

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