How To Hack Your DSLR That Doesn’t Have A Flip Screen

How To Hack Your DSLR That Doesn't Have A Flip Screen

This Brilliant Trick Will Upgrade Your DSLR Immediately!

One of my Canon DSLR’s has a flip screen, and even though it wasn’t the reason I bought it, I must say it has made some photography situations a lot easier for me.

What if you have a DSLR that doesn’t have a flip screen? Well, it’s definitely not a good enough reason alone to buy a new camera body, unless there’s something else wrong with the camera you have now.

No need to worry, there is an easy solution for this! You can get a flip screen without purchasing a new camera – and it’s not hard or expensive to do it!


The following video will show you what you need to do to get a flip screen for your DSLR.

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