This May Be The Best Decision On Photography You’ll Ever Make

This May Be The Best Decision On Photography You'll Ever Make

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] Would You Do This Or Have You Done Something Like This Already?

Photography is an interesting business. Sometimes it feels like everyone around you thinks you’re willing to do work for free, just for the joy of taking pictures.

“I’ll recommend you to everyone!” is a phrase I’d rather not hear when people ask me to attend their party and “bring the camera”.

But there are other options as well, if the person who’s asking for your expertise cannot pay you to take photographs.

I’m not saying anyone should work for free – we all have our bills to pay and camera gear certainly isn’t cheap. But sometimes, if you’re working with another small business owner, you could actually benefit from a trade of services.


The following article will give you ideas and tips on how you could still offer your photography services even if your client is not able to pay you for it.

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