The Things We Do For The Perfect Image!

The Things We Do For The Perfect Image!

**PHOTOGRAPHERS** Are You Out Of Your Mind??

I guarantee you, at some point all photographers act crazy. Heck, some people would probably say photographers act crazy all the time.

We haul massive amounts of gear, go to places most people would rather avoid, we bend into the weirdest positions when taking a shot, and sometimes we even put ourselves in danger. For what? For that one, perfect photo.

There was a time when I was kind of sad that there never were any photos of me, since I was always the one behind the camera.

Until I saw pictures someone had taken of me, when I was photographing something. Believe me, it wasn’t a pretty sight.


But I have to admit it’s funny! I love laughing at silly pictures of other photographers. Not because I think they look funny, but because I know I look exactly like that when I’m at work!

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