3 Things You’re Doing Wrong That May Destroy Your Whole Photoshoot


*WARNING* Avoid Doing These Things Or Your Photos May Be Gone Forever

Has it ever happened to you? You take your memory card and start uploading images to your computer, when suddenly *poof!* They’re all gone! It happened to me once so believe me when I say this article is very important.



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good tips to follow. In my 13 years of shooting digital the only time I have had a problem it was caused by a bent pin on a CF card reader—and I was able to recover the images—one of the reasons I am not a fan of CF cards.

I lost 8 hours after chasing a steam locomotive across 4 states and then a long drive home. Put the CF in reader and nothing. Tried recovery and that failed. My mistake was I only had formatted the CF once when I bought it. Now it gets formatted every time after I move my files off it. Also copy your files and then once verified they are on your storage device IE. Computer then put the CF or your storage card back into the camera and i run format twice. Do not format the card into the computer only into the camera you are going to use it in. Hopes this helps someone. .

Removing the card when it’s in use is the equivalent of exposing the film to bright light. There are also many mistakes that can ruin a photoshoot such as never using flash, using the wrong ISO, never backing up your pictures and the list goes on.

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