Are You Taking The Easy Way Out? You’re Missing The Best Shots Of Your Life

Stop Missing Out On The Best Photos Of Your Life

**PHOTOGRAPHERS** How To Use Bad Weather To Create Awe-Inspiring Photographs

I get it – you have the most expensive and delicate equipment and you can’t stand the thought of them getting wet. Still, some of the most mesmerizing images have been taken in the rain, or at least in less than ideal weather conditions.

It’s usually a sign of a beginning photographer to protect their gear so intensively that they’re afraid to go out when it rains, even if it’s just a drizzle. The reality is, it rains quite often, no matter where you live. If you stay inside every single time, your photography will never evolve and you’ll never improve your skills.


Let’s make a deal, shall we? The next time it looks really grey, dull or stormy outside, pack your camera and go out chasing puddles. Of course you should be careful not to damage your gear in purpose, but a simple plastic bag over your camera and lens does wonders and will keep the moisture out.

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