How Photography Completely Changed This Man’s Life

How Photography Completely Changed This Man's Life

Are You Having Social Anxiety Issues? Photography Can Help You Overcome Them

I recently stumbled upon an inspiring post from a very talented artist. Like so many of us, he has suffered from social anxiety, up to a point where living a normal life with everyday chores and errands became impossible for him. In today’s society where people are expected to be ever-so-cheerful and outgoing, social anxiety issues can become a huge burden.

However, one of this man’s dearest interestsĀ turned out to be the very thing that helped him overcome his issues. He is a street photographer – I know, it’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? When you hear someone saying he’s a street photographer, you automatically assume he gets along with people and crowds very well. After all, street photography is, in most cases, all about people.



That wasn’t the case with him, at least not when he first started. But in this article he explains what happened when he took out his camera and decided to move forward.

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