You Should NOT Hire A Professional To Photograph Your Wedding

You Should NOT Hire A Professional To Photograph Your Wedding

[WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS] This World Renowned Magazine Says Your Days Are Over

I just recently came across this article and even though it was written a few months ago, it’s still a relevant issue. I was completely baffled when I read about this. It’s a statement I would have never expected from a magazine of this caliber, especially considering the amount of professional photographers they are using (to be honest with you, I don’t think this magazine would even exists without these talented photographers).



Why you should NOT order a professional brain surgeon to do your operation. Get your friend to do it!! Look at me ! I just wrote an article about something I know NOTHING about!!!

Maybe Vogue should just print shot from disposable cameras that they give a bunch of drunk to do their editorials with. I can’t even imagine what that mag would turn out without professional photographers. Maybe they could get rid of their writers too. Everyone has a computer with notepad ( or equivalent) on it. Surely anyone could pound out a few stories for them to print.

In todays world where everyone feels they are a photographer this statement is ridiculous.The
many bad wedding albums out there that proves this point is astounding. Its also a falsehood that a professional has a degree in photography or art. A photographer makes pictures and knows the craft. A good wedding photographer will be able to show you what they do. They will have a back up camera.

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