Where The Money Is In Nature Photography – And How To Get It

Where The Money Is In Nature Photography - And How To Get It

Do You LOVE Wandering In The Nature With Your Camera? Why Not Earn While You’re Doing It!

Hands down, my favorite thing to do whenever I have some free time is to grab one of my cameras and head to the forest. It’s where I can completely relax and unwind, and forget about anything and everything that’s going on in my life. This means I have a massive amount of nature photos buried inside my hard drives.

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking I could possible use these images to actually create an extra income, instead of just enjoying them myself. I had always thought there may not be a lot of money involved in this area of photography. It turns out I was wrong.



The following article will give you several tips on how you can start selling your nature photos.

About Anna-Mari Vuorela

Anna-Mari Vuorela is a Finnish entrepreneur who first picked up a DSLR in 2009. Since then the world of photography has swept her away - these days her focus is on children's portraiture as well as nature and film photography.

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