How To Make Money From Photography Or Filmmaking

How To Make Money From Photography Or Filmmaking

These 5 Tips From a Pro Will Get You Started On Your Photography Career

I kind of got into the photography business by accident. I started taking photos just for myself, because I really enjoyed everything about it. It didn’t really seem like a wise or even a possible career choice, considering where I lived and all the other circumstances.

Somehow, I was asked to do my first paid photography assignment. It lead to another one, and another, until I thought I could actually turn it into a living, after all.

Because it sort of “just happened”, I didn’t have everything planned and ready. This has made the business side a little more difficult for me, and I’m still learning some of the details as I go.

However, when I found this video I realized I had taken the right steps from the beginning, even though I wasn’t even planning on doing it for work back then.


I have to say I agree with everything on the following video. While it still is difficult for me to always keep in mind all of these tips, I’m getting there. And it’s a journey worth taking!

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