Don’t Make This Mistake When Ordering Camera Gear Online

Don't Make This Mistake When Ordering Camera Gear Online

[WARNING PHOTOGRAPHERS] I Literally Gasped When I Found Out What Was In That Box

I would assume there are not that many photographers who still buy every piece of their photography equipment from a local camera store. Personally I shop online for my camera gear, just so that I can pick from a larger collection of items and I’m able to compare the best prices easily. So when I saw this video I was shocked.



I found a rare Nikon FM3A black camera on a police property website, it looked like it was in good shape and other items came with it. The packaging office just laid everything on top of each other, metal on metal in the pack. Turns out the Nikon was mint, but then had a small nick in the leather from a flash handle. Morlocks.

I bought a $1000+ lens off Amazon. It arrived with puncture holes in the outer Amazon box, the box the lens was housed had small indents..
No damage to lens, but, I was livid…

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