Don’t Make This Mistake When Ordering Camera Gear Online

Don't Make This Mistake When Ordering Camera Gear Online

This footage is from a security camera, showing how a courier delivered a package.

The shocking part is that there was a $500 lens inside that package. This person ordered the lens from Amazon with a ‘Free Same Day Delivery’. Apparently these same day delivery orders are assigned to smaller local businesses and this is what creates a part of the problem – you should try to avoid using the same day delivery option, if possible. But that’s not all – the comments on this video have implied that this kind of “tossing around” is pretty normal in the warehouses of different delivery companies:

I’m not agreeing with his methods of care for your package but, that’s how it’s handled in the warehouse. I worked for UPS for a short period of time and it’s, pretty much, expected that the sender will package it well enough to be handled that way. Not agreeing with his methods at all, just saying.

Hammbone 44, YouTube

Fortunately the lens was well packaged and unharmed even after this incident. Has anything like this ever happened to you?


I found a rare Nikon FM3A black camera on a police property website, it looked like it was in good shape and other items came with it. The packaging office just laid everything on top of each other, metal on metal in the pack. Turns out the Nikon was mint, but then had a small nick in the leather from a flash handle. Morlocks.

I bought a $1000+ lens off Amazon. It arrived with puncture holes in the outer Amazon box, the box the lens was housed had small indents..
No damage to lens, but, I was livid…

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