How To Create Your Own DIY 3 Light Studio Portrait Setup For Under $50


This is a great tutorial for beginners to studio portraiture

Obviously when you spend thousands of on a lighting setup it’s going to be of the highest quality. However, you can get really amazing results with this DIY kit. In this video Aaron Nace over at PHLEARN gets a correctly exposed image at f2.8 1/60 and ISO 500. I could sell portraits taken at those settings all day long in my business. One more time proving it’s about the photographer not the cost of the gear.


I saw the video and no disrespect- to each his own. I would walk right out of a studio that had this hokey set up. That’s what model lights are for. I’ve been shooting for 25 years and would never have an ISO at 500. My customers want large prints and you just can’t do that at that speed. Great tip for the novice (I guess)

Of course Kelly if you’ve been shooting that long you’re used to working with the best. This is a beginners tutorial. Today cameras are functioning much better at these higher ISO’s especially when you’re talking about a head shot. I’ve been using Photoshop for 15 years and I could fix it in post and still get a good quality large print from those settings. I wouldn’t enter it in a competition. Although the San Diego Fair Photo Competition now has an iPhone Category. I’ve made the switch to selling mostly digital these days myself.

Why would you want to fix it in post? I shoot it how it’s supposed to be shot in the first place. My time is money y’know? I sometimes wish every novice would learn on film so they know exactly what they are doing instead of relying on photoshop or other image editing software. Everyone thinks they are a photographer these days. It saddens me that there is a category for any IPhone images, but whatever, just makes me hustle harder 🙂

I’ve used everything from cheap lighting like this up to high dollar strobes. I agree with your comment on one of the posts. It’s all about the photographer. A good photographer can capture the perfect image even with cheap equipment or even a decent cell phone. The “eyes” have it.

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