How To Capture Genuine Moments When Photographing Couples

How To Capture Genuine Moments When Photographing Couples

STOP Using Awkward And Cliché Posing – These Tips Will Make Your Clients Adore You

When I first took the plunge and decided to include engagement and wedding photography into my repertoire, I was scared breathless. I was used to photographing children and suddenly people wanted me to take portraits of them, grown-ups, as well. I’ve heard people say “well, a portrait is a portrait” but that’s just so far from the truth. Certain technical things (camera settings etc.) may be the same, but it’s a completely different thing to photograph kids than to photograph adults, especially couples.

Trying to capture authentic feelings between two people is no easy task. Sometimes they’re not used to being photographed, which can make the situation even more awkward for them – and for you as their photographer. Preparing for the shoot is key, and that’s where these tips come in handy.


The following article will give you great tips for setting up a photoshoot with a couple. Whether it’s an engagement shoot, an anniversary shoot or even wedding portraits, the same “rules” apply to all of them.

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