How To Create Stunning Golden Hour Portraits Without The Sun – 5min Video Tutorial

[PHOTOGRAPHERS] Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations And Make Them Think You’re A Magician

Probably 90% of photographers on this planet agree on the subject that the so called Golden Hour is a magical time to take portraits. What is it about that setting sun that makes photos look so amazing? Even a toy camera could produce stunning images if they were taken during those precious moments of the evening.

As much as we’d love to enjoy that exceptionally beautiful light all the time, it’s not always possible. Let’s say you had a gorgeous place in mind for your portrait photoshoot, and you were planning on taking the pictures during the Golden Hour. What do you do when it happens to be a heavily overcast day? Well, you create the sun yourself, of course!



This five minute video tutorial will show you how you can take Golden Hour portraits no matter how cloudy the sky is. And no, it’s not a Photoshop trick!

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