Forget About Auto – Use These Camera Settings For Manual Focus

[PHOTOGRAPHERS WARNING] If You Don’t Learn To Focus Manually You’ll Lose Many Perfect Moments


Do you feel like using manual focus is going to give you bad results? Every photographer has worried about missing those perfect shots but in fact, autofocus does not always get the job done as well as you might think.

I have to be honest. I have paid the price on many occasions because I didn’t switch my camera into manual focusing mode. This video is for the beginner who probably has never set their camera to manual before.


If you are mostly photographing sports and quickly moving subjects, then autofocus may be the right way to go for you. But if you use autofocus in every situation, including portraits and landscapes, you will find it’s not always the best option.




It may seem intimidating for beginning photographers to ditch the comfort of autofocus, or any automatic settings, for that matter. But once you learn, you will never go back!

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