Things Most Photographers Get Wrong Including The Pros


Little Known Truths About Common Misconceptions In Photography


These facts are definitely for the advanced photographer. If you’re still trying to wrap your head around shooting in manual mode I would forgo this video for now to learn something a little more basic.


If you are an experienced photographer I think this will be an eye opener. So many of us seem to think we’re “ready” and we’ve already learned everything we need to know about photography. That’s not true at all.



It’s actually kind of dangerous to think that way because it stops you from getting better. There’s always going to be someone who’s willing to learn more and those photographers will definitely end up more successful.


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Great video! So much great information! The misconception I see most often is that people think that if the camera angle you get with a lens and sensor combination is the same as an 85 mm lens on a ff camera then you will get the same perspective. Doesn’t matter what the sensor size is, only an 85 mm lens has the perspective of an 85 mm lens.
This results in so many horrible portraits.

I disagree with point 18. While YES, oh how I wish the new cameras did use ground glass and split Prism viewfinders I do insist that manual focus is better even on the new cameras. It is however harder especially for my aging eyes.

My camera is not physic… is does not know where I want to put the plane of focus… no machine can decide for me where I want to focus. at that point it is taking away that creative control/skill from me. I consider it to be unprofessional to rely on the machine to choose the focus. I have always focused my camera manually. Why should that change now?

How does it choose the focus point anyway? It has to analyze and guess where the focus point should be… It will guess wrong more times than not.

My eye can still (as it always has) pick out the focus point. As long as I can do that I will keep the auto-focus off.

Similarly I don’t trust the camera to pick the exposure level. I know that light will vary in different parts of the room or area that I am shooting. I as the photographer must be aware of that fact and be willing to adjust my exposure.

The machine does not know what it is shooting… it tends to assume everything is lit to a neutral gray. That may or may not be the case… it does not know. I am the photographer, I know. I can use the meter to get an idea and see the result on the new screen to confirm my judgement.

Photography is an art… art is not best served by machines even when machines are required to create the art.

I believe in using skylight filterso for a cpl.good reasons ,but the main reason is lens protection. You clean the filter & you will not scratch the lens.If by bad chance you drop the lens the filter will break before the lens in most cases.

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