Attention Star Chasers – The Sky Is Not The Limit

Attention Star Chasers - The Sky Is Not The Limit

Here’s what David Schloss has to say about the Pentax K-1 over at Outdoor Photographer.

If you’re enthusiastic about shooting the night sky then you may want to consider this magnificent piece as your next camera. It has some extraordinary features that will make astrophotography a lot easier for you – and the results are pretty amazing.

The new Pentax K-1, the company’s first full-frame digital camera, includes an ingenious system that will eliminate the need to carry extra hardware in order to capture a perfect image of the heavens. The K-1 includes a sensor that can shift position in several directions. The ostensible use for the movable sensor is to reduce blur when shooting long exposures or when the photographer is moving, but combined with the camera’s electric compass and GPS, it means the K-1 can create photographs as tack-sharp as anything that comes from a system mounted to a tracker.

Point the K-1 at the stars, and the AstroTracer, can track the stars without having to first orient the camera to Polaris, which you have to do with a star tracker. In astrophotography mode, the camera can capture exposures up to five minutes long.

The Pentax K-1 isn’t a one-trick pony, though, packing a number of features and advances into a substantial, but comfortable DSLR body. The K-1 is dust- and weather-sealed, with 87 individual seals, and will operate down to 14º F. The body has a built-in LED light that illuminates the camera mount, the rear of the LED panel and the controls, allowing for easy lens-changing in complete darkness. It also features an easily adjustable brightness setting to dim the LCD to prevent losing night vision.

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Read the full review over at Outdoor Photographer.

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