Your Portraits Will Go Through The Roof With A Lens You Didn’t Think Of

Your Portraits Will Go Through The Roof With A Lens You Didn't Think Of

[BEWARE] You May Never Go Back To Another Lens Again

What’s your favorite lens for shooting portraits? Is it the nifty-fifty? Or do you even use a specific lens just for portraiture? Of course the most important thing in any type of photography is to get creative and use what you have, but I certainly had my doubts about┬áthese lenses for portraits – until I tried them.



Waste of time “bull crappy” article, photography is an art form so why do we try to “standardize” every thing? Depending on what your definition of a portrait is (it comes from the word: :Portray) and how you want to portray, it different lenses will give different results. I can remember when photographers smeared petroleum jelly on a ND filter to get a “soft focus” look. Actually there is no such thing as a “portrait lens, since all lenses “portray” a subject.

While the video at the end has to do with using a 105mm Micro Nikon lens as a portrait lens and is only minorly annoying.

This article is Silly and written and edited by people who know nothing about photography! Macro Lenses are lenses designed to shoot at a close ration, down to 1:1 (some even closer) They have nothing to do with portraiture. Macro lenses can be found in the ‘sweet spot’ for portraiture 70-135mm roughly a focal length that provides for minimal distortion and slight compression of textures. Macro lenses are also found in wide angle/perspective lenses! Olympus use to make a few, as well as other companies.

Focus breathing is an idiotic term used by uneducated. Other than internal focus lenses, lenses are rated by their focal length base on focus at infinity. At infinity their focal point is the rate mm distance from the focal plane. a 105mm lenses focal length will be 105mm from the focal plane, when focused closer, there are in effect a longer focal length lens and give the perspective of a longer focal length lens. For the record the perspective of a Nikon 105mm micro at 1:1 is narrower than the internal focus 200mm micro at 1:1!

Macro lenses, in general, are designed to render more detail than other lenses. This is not necessarily desirable in a portrait lens. Some of the fancy portrait lenses, such as the Rodenstock Imagon and Fujinon SFS, allow adjusting spherical aberration to soften the focus, while allowing rendering a sharp core image. This has been refined in the Nikon DC lenses to give wonderful “boken” by retaining the focus areas with out the added delineation. A more modern feel to this idea.

pics takeimg is to injoy what u doing .yes more lens u have u injoy more but you need to injoy it all I say

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