A Beginner’s Guide To Using Off-Camera Flash – Tips From A Pro

A Beginner's Guide To Using Off-Camera Flash - Tips From A Pro

How To Quickly Upgrade Your Portraits To A Professional Level

One of the first and best things you can learn to improve your flash photography is how to get your flash off the camera. You can use a light stand or even have someone hold the flash for you (a human light stand).

Many beginners are afraid of using a flash. Mostly because they think it won’t give them natural looking results – which, of course, is true if they don’t know how to use it correctly. But it really isn’t that difficult to learn just a few tricks that will improve your portraits. There are lots of great tutorials out there, that will give you the best tips to get started.



This is one of those tutorials. It only takes a few minutes to learn some of these techniques and start applying them to your portrait photography.

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