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6 Things You Don't Know That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Photography

[BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHERS] How To Use These Wickedly Effective Exposure Tricks To Get A Perfect Image

Every photographer should know exposure to the bone. In the end, photography comes down to three things; shutter speed, ISO and aperture – and how these three things affect the light getting inside your camera. Sometimes it amazes me to meet people with expensive, high-end cameras and realize they have no idea how to get the exposure they want.

Using the AUTO or the P-mode is fine, if you’re just starting to learn photography or you’re in a tight spot and you just need to get that picture quickly. But if you really want to create a certain mood for your image instead of just snapping away, here’s a great tutorial for you.



This is not as difficult or complex as it may seem in the beginning, but it does require a bit of concentration to figure this out and start experimenting with your camera settings.


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