The Best Lens To Carry With You At All Times

The Best Lens To Carry With You At All Times

Is This The First Lens You Got After Your Kit Lens? It Should Have Been!

Are you stuck with that 18-55mm and you can’t quite decide what your next lens should be? You’ve asked for recommendations from your photographer friends – the landscape friend tells you to go wide-angle, the street photographer you know says 50mm is the only way to go, and your nature loving wildlife photographer uncle gives you five good reasons why you definitely need a 100-400mm.

If you enjoy several different types of photography and you’re not willing to completely focus on any single one of them (at least not yet), there is one lens that will probably be all you need – and it’s none of the above.



The following video will tell you exactly why you should choose this lens (remember to turn your sense of humor ON before watching this!)

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