5 Tips To Help Beginners Improve Their Photography Faster

5 Tips To Help Beginners Improve Their Photography Faster

This article is really designed specifically for a brand new beginner.

So if you’re an intermediate or advanced photographer it’s probably way below your level. However, if you’re just getting started this is something that will be really good for you to read.

1. Learn the basics of how a camera works

There are three factors that work together to control the exposure:

  • You can control the shutter speed, which is how long the camera lets light in.
  • You can control the size of the aperture, which is the size of the hole that lets light in.
  • You can control the ISO rating, which is the camera’s sensitivity to the lighting

Each setting affects the end photograph differently, so learning how and why they work together is vital to getting great photos.

2. Learn how your camera works

It doesn’t matter what camera you use, but it’s really important to know how to operate it.

The easiest way to learn about your camera is to read the manual. It’s not likely to be thrilling, but it will make everything a lot easier going forward.

3. Learn the basics of composition

The human brain loves patterns, and if you can learn these patterns, then you can learn how to take pictures that people are going to like — often without knowing why. This includes learning things like the rule of thirds, how colors work together and how to use lines to draw people into your images.

4. Learn how to edit your photos

From simple fixes like cropping and straightening an image, to more advanced techniques like removing spots and tweaking contrast and brightness, post-processing will let you get the most from your images.

5. Learn how to curate your own work

Limit yourself to only posting 10 photos instead of 300. Everyone would love to look at 10 amazing photos from your trip. No one is going to sift through 300 to find 10 that they like!

To help you get started with Tip #1 (which is the hardest one to understand), here’s a great video explaining the three different factors affecting the exposure.

For the rest of the tips visit the original article over at the Craftsy Blog

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I think a good way to learn is to shoot a lot , take experimental shots & use the settings. Read.& shoot a.lot.

Indeed! The best advice a writer can get is to, “Write, write and write.” Best advice for a photographer is to, “Shoot, shoot and shoot.”

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