5 Simple Tips For Capturing Better Family Photos

5 Simple Tips For Capturing Better Family Photos

These tips are from an original article over on the Craftsy blog.

There are a couple of advantages to these tips they didn’t mention in their article. For example in number one below, if you find an area with lots of room you can use a longer lens to compress your background which helps keep random people out of your shot. It can also help you create better blurred backgrounds (bokeh).

1. Choose a location with lots of room

Kids love to run around, and happy kids make for better photos. Don’t choose a place where the kids aren’t allowed to run on the grass, touch things or have a lot of rules to follow. Choosing a spacious location also helps to keep random people from getting in your photos because you can move to the less crowded spots.

2. Start with your posed portraits

Kids get dirty fast and their attention spans are short. Get the whole family together from the outset to guarantee at least a few hang-on-your-wall-worthy photos.

3. Bring a blanket

Getting a shot of the family lying down can be a really great pose, but it’s helpful if they’re comfortable/not getting dirty. Bring a blanket with you or ask the family to bring something from home that they can lay down on.

4. Have a distraction

Ask families with young children to bring toys, drinks and snacks. Snacks and drinks prevent premature meltdowns and keep everyone hydrated on hot days. For very young children, holding a toy while you are shooting can be the only way to get a good photo.

5. Be patient

If you are parent, you know that working with children requires some patience. Do not expect the kids to respect your schedule.

You can read the original article over at the Craftsy blog

Source: Craftsy

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