5 Extremely Helpful Camera Hacks – Less Than $2 Each

5 Extremely Helpful Camera Hacks You Can Do For Less Than $2

[PHOTOGRAPHERS] These Tight A** Tips Are Seriously Useful, Even If You’re Not Working On A Budget!

I love budget camera hacks. I’m more than willing to pay for photography gear that I find extremely useful for me, but the reason I think these hacks are so awesome is because most of them I can start using immediately. If I get an idea to create a certain image that I need special equipment for, it’s going to take at least a few days to get it if I order it online.

I also love using these type of hacks whenever I travel. I hate carrying extra stuff with me just in case I happen to need it. I’d much rather just bring the absolutely essential items (my camera, one or two lenses and a speedlight) and come up with other special solutions as I go.



Do you have budget camera hacks of your own? Please share in the comments below!


Cheapest and lightest monopod replacement is a piece of string tied to the camera. Drop the string to the floor, stand on it and pull it tight. Your camera shake is now reduced dramatically.

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