5 Different Ways To Use A Cheap Household Item In Photography

5 Different Ways To Use A Cheap Household Item In Photography

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] These Tips Will Save You In A Tough Spot!

Whenever I can get my hands on photography tips and tricks you can do with common items, I try to memorize them.

You never know when you run into a situation where you don’t have all your gear with you, and you need to come up with something clever to make that photo work.

I’ve tried all kinds of household items; aluminum foil, sheets of paper, plastic cups… What makes these kind of items great is that they’re available pretty much anywhere, in case you travel and forget some of your gear behind.

These tips are also great for beginning photographers who haven’t yet purchased special camera gear and would still like to improve their images.


This particular item is very inexpensive – I might even say free because the odds are you have plenty of these at home!

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