3 Simple Ways To Avoid Blurry Hand Held Photos

3 Simple Ways To Avoid Blurry Hand Held Photos

The obvious choice would be to set your camera on a steady surface, for example a table.

But when the only steady surface available is the ground you’re standing on, you’ll just have to make sure you hold your camera right. There are many things you can do to avoid camera shake in hand held photos – here are three great tips to get you started.

Lay Down

Lie flat and let the lens sit directly on the ground. The problem with this is that you’re likely to have quite a downward tilt to the lens and unless you’re aiming to photograph the pavement, you probably won’t end up with the shot you’re hoping for. I placed my hand flat against the cement and balanced the lens on top of it to give myself some height, later I created a fist with my hand to give myself even greater height.

Raise Your Left Shoulder….

I am definitely a right eyed photographer, but this tip that I learned from “The Moment It Clicks” by Joe McNally, requires that I shift for a moment to my left eye. What I’m doing is raising my left shoulder, and bracing my left elbow into my rib-cage. For further stability, you can pull your right elbow in to your chest. As always, exhale completely before depressing the shutter to avoid introducing shake.

Create a Tripod With Your Knee

You can create your own tripod by resting your elbow on your knee while in a seated position. Again, bring that other elbow in for greater support.

Get even more tips on how to avoid camera shake over at Digital Photography School.

Source: Digital Photography School

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