3 Simple Ways To Avoid Blurry Hand Held Photos

3 Simple Ways To Avoid Blurry Hand Held Photos

The Most Interesting Things Always Happen When You Don’t Have Your Tripod With You

Let’s say you need a large aperture to capture that perfect scene right in front of you. What if you weren’t planning on a photoshoot and just grabbed your camera along on your way to work? Most of us don’t bother carrying all our gear with us everywhere we go.


Hand holding your camera in low light conditions is probably the number one reason to cause blurry photos. When you have to slow down your shutter speed in order to get that shot, even the slightest body movement can show in your image as motion blur.



However, there are ways to prevent image blurriness when you’re not using a tripod. With a little bit of practice you should notice a great improvement in your photos right away.

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