2 Brilliant Tips To Get Started In Flash Photography Like A Boss

2 Most Beneficial Tips To Get Started With Flash Photography Like A Boss

These Tips Will Give You Awesome Results With A Single Speedlight!

Flash photography is scary, as simple as that. Well, it’s not that scary when you’ve tried it a few times with proper instructions. But I remember when I got my first speedlight and I had no idea how to use it – the results were so terrible I wanted to throw the flash away and only use natural light from that moment on.

I’m glad I decided not to. After getting over the fear of failure, I studied flash photography more. I watched a lot of tutorials, tried different flash modes and several different diffusers. I am now at a point where the flash does not scare me anymore – but I still have a lot to learn.



When it comes to my camera gear, it’s all about portability. I travel, take portraits in the nature, wander in the forests and other secluded places where you simply can’t carry a huge amount of heavy gear with you. So I have tried to master using the on-camera flash. These tips are very helpful!

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