10 Extremely Beneficial Apps For Photographers

10 Helpful And Fun Mobile Apps For Photographers

Here’s a list of 10 mobile apps that you will find either useful or simply fun.

I personally like to use VSCO Cam to improve my smartphone images whenever I happen to come across a situation that demands a picture (and of course right then my DSLR is not with me).


According to this app, it’s “the world’s largest crowd sourced image catalog”. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but what’s important is that it puts photographers in connection with companies willing to pay for original photos.


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and their mobile app is an absolute treat. If you love playing with colors and tones, while keeping a natural, film-like look, there is no better app than this. VSCO Cam is clearly oriented at the serious photographer with an eye for interesting stuff, and their social platform called VSCO Grid is a selection of beautiful photography enhanced with their filters.

Photoshop Touch

This app brings some of the cool features of Photoshop to your phone screen. You can use layers, adjustments, filter brushes and selection tools to enhance your work on the go.


First of all, this app was developed by Instagram, and that alone should be a good enough reason to get it. Hyperlapse uses built-in stabilization technology that allows you to create hand held time lapses of cinematic quality.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Honestly this is one of those ‘Must Have’ apps in my opinion. This was one of the first apps I download and it’s one the highest recommended apps for some very good reasons. In a nut shell ‘The Photographer’s Ephemeris’ or “TPE” is a brilliant tool that helps photographers plan their outdoor photography in natural light. Short description: it’s a map-centric moon and sun calculator that allows you to see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, anywhere on the planet. Making your landscape and urban photographs easier to visualize and plan for.


This is a great invention and a very useful one. First of all, you need a very affordable cable that will link your smartphone to your camera (there are over 300 supported models). Then you need to install the free app and you’re ready for some killer time lapse shots, as well as a bunch of other creative shooting modes that will definitely make you proud.

Softbox Pro

What this app does is turn your iPad into a portable artificial light source. The results are actually quite impressive if you use it right and it will save you both money and space for a separate light source.

Foliobook Photo Portfolio

Anyone who uses their iPad for client presentations should get this app.It’s clean and minimal, just right for putting your work in the best light.


It’s kind of like Instagram, but more photographer oriented. Besides an interesting selection of filters, it has a growing community of photography enthusiasts as well as challenges posted by major companies like Getty and Motorola.


Flickr is one of the most important online communities for everyone who loves photography and sharing images. It’s common sense to have the app.

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