How would you Like to Build Your Own Custom Camera?

Build Your Own Canon

According to website House of Japan in 2015 you may be able to build a modular Canon camera

Right now you can go to the Apple website and pick out all of the features that you want in a desktop computer or a laptop computer. The same kind of building process may become available soon for both cameras and smart phones.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to actually be able to put together your own smartphone, having the possibility to choose the color/s, functions and even shape.

Canon likes modularity too. But what if one could extend this modular concept beyond smartphones? In theory it’s not hard to imagine how modularity might be applied to other categories, but this new piece of info we will share with you will certainly take you by surprise.

According to Canon Rumors, iconic camera manufacturer Canon is working towards a modular DSLR of sorts. Sources revealing this information didn’t have a lot of details to share, but the idea seems quite exciting.

To see the original article visit House of Japan’s website.


Source: House of Japan

Image Source:55Laney69

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