Did You Choose The WRONG CAMERA For Your Photography?

You Chose The WRONG CAMERA For Your Photography

I’ve followed the debate over full frame vs. crop sensor for ages.

Sometimes I think it’s not even the pros that are arguing over the subject – it’s the photography enthusiasts who are trying to A) convince themselves that they need a full frame body to be taken seriously, ¬†or B) stick with crop sensor and make sure everyone knows their composition and lighting skills are on a professional level. I’ve noticed that most professional photographers don’t even bother to get into this argument; probably because they know they can get the job done, no matter what equipment they use! Well, this video is worth watching – although I still haven’t made a decision on my next camera sensor size…


Just get what you want/can afford and have fun….people take gear way too seriously…its the art that you can create is what people care about, no one honestly cares about your gear. And if you cant “use it right”…..learn to! Buying new shit wont help you…

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