This Simple Trick Will Triple Your Photography Background For Free

Triple The Size Of Your Studio Background - For Free!

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] As Easy As 1-2-3 And You Don’t Even Need A Studio

Do you sometimes feel like the small background is holding you back from creating the images you have envisioned? Larger backgrounds can be pretty expensive and you may not even have enough room for them in your home studio. Or maybe you’re working outside and you’ve found an awesome wall for your background, but it just isn’t big enough for the image you have in mind.

There is a very simple way to extend the background and make it almost panoramic for a stunning look. You don’t need to spend a truckload of cash on backdrops, or get a larger studio space. This is a simple image editing trick you can apply to your photos instantly.


The following video is a step by step tutorial showing you exactly how you can create a larger background. You’ll get tips for taking the photo and the video will guide you through the post processing as well.

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