The Easiest And Fastest Way To Fix Autofocus Issues Revealed

The Easiest Way To Fix Autofocus Issues Explained

[WARNING] Your Camera Is Not Giving You The Sharpest Possible Results – And This Is Why It Happens

Tricky situations can cause your digital camera to back or front focus. You must learn to control your camera autofocus system or your images will be ruined. This video explores this problem and offers up a solution to this through taking control of the focusing points on your camera.

There are photographers who believe you should always use manual focus to get the sharpest images. Their opinion is that autofocus isn’t reliable and it can give you less than satisfactory results. That can be true, if you’re just shooting away and trusting your camera to do all the work for you. However, autofocus can be extremely helpful and sharp when you’re using it correctly.



Photographer Mark Wallace and the Adorama Camera store created this video on how to control and set your autofocus points.

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